footage and music

Here is Harry Merry contains a lot of found video footage and music recordings. We thank all rights holders for their supportive and enthusiast cooperation.

Dave the Lightbulbmanshow
thanks to Rueben Kincaid & Thunderhorse Video, especially Taran Allan  and Ed Marszewski

clip Stevie Storm
thanks to Marianne van Maaren producties

Stevie Storm,  Moody bus driver, Yeah well whatever, Betta Elisabetta, Clarissa, Dear dad, Sharki supermachine,  Jailbird, keep your hands off Miss Hilton
all thanks to Tocado records, especially Leen Steen.

Australian sun,
thanks to Meeuw Muzak

Higgledy-Piggledy Rooty-Tooty, I must needs try my new-fledged pinion, Superficial struggle
thanks to Harry Merry

Design based on a poster that Anna Ehrlemark made for Metelkova in Ljubljana.

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